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We welcome Bosch Automotive !

In close collaboration with CPM Netherlands, we support Bosch Automotive in setting up a Sales Team within the Automotive sector as of 1/07/2020.

We welcome American Express !

In close collaboration with CPM Netherlands, we are setting up a team of Brand Ambassadors visiting the retail sector from 1/08/2020.

Did Covid-19 impact your business ?


We welcome Chep!

In cooperation with CPM Netherlands, we are setting up a team of Merchandisers who will take care of the logistics count for our client in the field.

We start a 'sweet' collaboration with Haribo!

From 1/08/2020 we start for Haribo, “Kids and Grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo“. Soon more…

Steady Agency is a Sales, Marketing & Event agency.

We are committed to achieving our customers brand objectives.

As an experienced and specialized Sales & Shopper Marketing agency we aim to have an immediate impact and a direct influence on purchasing behaviour.

Sales Partners “Multicard”

Highly experienced Sales team able to represent your brand in a flexibel way.

Sales Force Outsourcing “Dedicated”

Offering dedicated sales force solutions.

Shopper Marketing

Offering impactful Shopper marketing solutions.

Cooking Academy

Cooking and baking activities with a team of professionally trained foodies.

Merchandising Services

Offering strong remodelling- and merchandising solutions within the retail sector.

Uplift your brand!