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We can take your field sales team off your hands so that you can focus on the big picture and still have your sales processes and service offerings in order.

This solution can be structural in the long term or tactical in the short term because you simply don’t need them all year round, seasonal or temporarily need a little more power to achieve your goals.

You as a customer decide which blocks of our services you want to use and what you want to continue to do yourself.



Sourcing - Recruitment

We will find suitable candidates for you, relieve you of your worries throughout the recruitment process, but in the end you will take the final decision.

Field Management

The main task of the Field Manager is to grow and re-evaluate the team. He is also the bridge between the customer and the team. In addition, the Field Manager maintains an intensive relationship with the team and the various retailers of the customer in order to determine the success of tomorrow.


HR Management - Fleet Management

Steady Agency takes care of the payrolling, all HR services and the management of company cars and other resources such as mobile phones, PC and other…



For each discipline, we have a reporting tool that allows you, the client, to monitor and analyse the results of the team in complete transparency.

Training Academy

Within our Sales Academy we offer different training modules at different levels. For example, for each role there is a tailor-made training that meets the challenges and needs of the individual and the assignment. All training modules are partly theoretical and partly practical. In order to ensure that what we have learned is also applied in practice, we have various feedback moments, we use e-learnings and various video assignments, which guarantee progress and make it visible.

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